UP Global – Meet Your Schools 2022

Choosing the right school is an important part of a great year abroad. As a part of the selection process, UP Global offers its students an opportunity to get to know the schools and get information of the schools directly from the schools’ representatives. Over the years, we have built wonderful long-term relationships with many schools, and we want to continue doing that. Since 2018, we have offered schools opportunities to personally meet with our students and families prior to them making decisions on which schools to apply to.

The meetings in Helsinki, Finland, have been successful, and the feedback from all parties involved has been fantastic. Again this year, because of the ongoing and unfortunate developments in the situation with the covid, we have prepared to hold our Meet Your Schools 2022 online. Instead of the personal meetings that we have arranged in Helsinki in 2018, 2019, and 2020, we will continue with our virtual Meet Your Schools platform that enables the schools to meet with our families. On this platform, UP Global brings together the schools from across the ocean and families from Europe to conduct one-to-one online meetings, as planned.


  • January 11thThe platform opening
  • January 14th – January 23rd:  Virtual meeting period for schools and pre-selected students
  • January 24th – February 28th“Free for All” Member Schools and students in our program. Virtual meeting period continues with unlimited access.
  • March 1st: –> Limited access for late applicants